Lil Sis - Lulu Chu - A Lesson In Discipline For Stepsis 03.30.2024 HD

30 March
Pornstars: Lulu Chu
Lil Sis - Lulu Chu - A Lesson In Discipline For Stepsis
This season on Lil Sis we're running a love your family hotline hosted by love coach Alex Coal. Today's caller is Parker Ambrose, and he's got a doozy of a situation to share with Alex. Parker shares that he and his stepsister Lulu Chu got caught making out by Lulu's mom, Brooke Barclays. Brooke told Parker that she'd tell his dad and make sure he'd get kicked out of the house if she ever caught him making out with Lulu again.

The problem, Parker confesses to Alex, is that Lulu hasn't been taking the situation seriously. She's been teasing Parker with her body, flashing him while her mom is in the room. When Parker tried to defend himself, Lulu didn't really believe that his dad would kick him out. Parker decided to punish Lulu, grabbing her for a rough kiss.

The next time Lulu tried to get Parker in trouble, the punishment started with Parker eating her pussy and then having her suck his dick. Lulu had to hold the moan as she mounted Parker's hardon in cowgirl, even as they almost got caught by her mom. Parker dicked Lulu down in doggy and then flipped her onto her back to give her one final orgasm before he finished, too. Lulu still tried to get Parker in trouble by stealing his clothes, but thankfully he got out. Alex advises Parker to tell Lulu no, especially since it's his ass on the line.

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