Jade Valentine - More To Learn 02.02.2024 HD

02 February
Pornstars: Jade Valentine
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Jade Valentine - More To Learn
Adult Time - Jade Valentine - More To Learn. Jade Valentine is so thankful for her dutiful tutor Tommy Pistol. Thanks to him, she's going to nail her next test, which will certainly keep her grades up. He's not that bad-looking either but, of course, she'd never think of him that way. He's her tutor, and that's it. ..

That is... until her boyfriend Rico Hernandez approaches her with a scandalous proposition. You see, he's noticed the way Jade looks at Tommy sometimes. It doesn't make him angry. Quite the opposite, in fact. Rico actually finds it kind of hot. So hot that he'd like to see Jade and Tommy have sex while he watches.

Jade is totally floored by what Rico is suggesting, but he manages to convince her to at least bring it up with her tutor. When Tommy is informed of this wild idea, he's totally taken aback. But then again, it's not every day a guy like him gets an opportunity to tap an ass like Jade's... And if the only catch is that Rico gets to watch, well, why SHOULDN'T he indulge himself a little? After all, tutors have to have fun too!

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